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Lt. Robbin Swales, Director of the Cordova Alaska Salvation Army Outpost

Lt. Robbin Swales relates her “crazy little ride” from Christian kid, to the world of drugs and alcohol, to a leader of others fighting to rise above their circumstances just

Pastor Gary Barnes, former pastor of Little Chapel

Former Pastor Gary Barnes

Pastor Barnes was Little Chapel’s long-time pastor until 2015, leading this congregation for over 30 years. Drop in and listen to who inspired him on a short three minute video.

St. Joseph’s Father Tom Killeen

Father Tom Killeen

Cordova has seen spiritual leaders come and go, but some stand out among the rest. Father Tom is one of those. Sit back and listen as he tells about the

Snapshots & Portraits Inspirational Stories from Cordovans

If you have a few minutes why don’t you check out these 30+ inspirational stories from current and former Cordova residents. Read about overcoming addictions, mending broken relationships, creative approaches

From Addiction to Heaven

April Tiedeman

April Tiedeman once lived a down-and-out existence fraught with problems and crises. The dream life she longed for was beyond her reach – or so she thought…

Voss Efimoff – Local Russian fisherman

Voss Efimoff spoke as scheduled, and there was a nice turn-out. Everyone who ordered The Killer Whale’s delicious sandwiches enjoyed them as they listened. The actual story was recorded off-premise. Feel free to listen as he tells the inspiring story of how he joined Cordova’s fishing fleet, and beat the odds – with special help.

Into Spring 2013

Our latest addition, April Tiedeman – speaking on turning tragedy to triumph, tells how through pain and trials, persevering faith can transform the most beaten down individual or family into a triumphant one.

Voss Efimoff, a local fisherman, Owner of the Lisa Gayle

Will be sharing inspirational tales from his times at sea over the years. Voss has an easy-going way about him, and is a natural storyteller. Come, listen, be inspired & expect to laugh!

As always, the “Killer Whale CafĂ©” will offer a light lunch menu and there will be free coffee.

Sunday, 11 May 2013


Welcome to Our New Site…

This is Cordova’s brand new site, with theme-based video-taped stories told by folks like you and I, touching upon many issues that affect us – right where we live.