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Lt. Robbin Swales, Director of the Cordova Alaska Salvation Army Outpost

Lt. Robbin Swales relates her “crazy little ride” from Christian kid, to the world of drugs and alcohol, to a leader of others fighting to rise above their circumstances just as she did!

Pastor Gary Barnes, former pastor of Little Chapel

Former Pastor Gary Barnes

Pastor Barnes was Little Chapel’s long-time pastor until 2015, leading this congregation for over 30 years. Drop in and listen to who inspired him on a short three minute video. Or better yet, take a gander at the E Book. If you go to the sample available on Amazon, you can read his entire story! Simply click on this link here.

Snapshots & Portraits Inspirational Stories from Cordovans

If you have a few minutes why don’t you check out these 30+ inspirational stories from current and former Cordova residents. Read about overcoming addictions, mending broken relationships, creative approaches to troubled marriages, enduring chronic medical issues, and how turn the ashes of our lives into new beginnings!

Click HERE to download the book for only .99. All proceeds go to Orphans Unlimited in Mozambique.

From China to Brazil to America

Voss - Russian Cordova Fisherman

Voss Efimoff tells about a childhood different from what most of us will ever know. Uprooted from China, plunked down in Brazil, and finally arrived in America, he spins an interesting and an inspiring story.